Guiding Principles


The Ministry shall discharge its duties using highly qualified, competent and skilled staff and ensure that services are provided impartially.

Transparency & accountability

The Ministry shall ensure that its members of staff are open and accountable in the utilization of public and other development partners’ resources.

Team work

The Ministry shall encourage members of staff to work harmoniously towards a common goal.

Goal Oriented

The Ministry shall ensure that the provision of its services achieves intended results.


The Ministry shall exhibit the highest ethical and authentic standards in the performance of duties.


The Ministry will encourage and instill a sense of love for the  country and what it stands for in the implementation of its programmes.

Collaboration & Netwoking

The Ministry shall work with other stakeholders in a coordinated manner.

Creativity & Innovation

The Ministry shall nurture the potential of its staff to conceive new ideas that address contemporary challenges.

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